About Me

I guess this is the part where I tell you all about myself.

My name is Shanna!
(pronounced Shawna)

I live in the great state of Colorado, where the grass may be brown but just about everything else is as lovely as they come. 
I am not a Colorado native (because, who really is?) I grew up in Northern Virginia and spent some time in Houston, TX.
I am a stay-at-home mom who has A LOT to say!

I have the BEST family!

My Boyfriend Jay is my rock. I'm pretty sure he should have some sort of award for his awesomeness! He is on the same path to happiness as I am, and in that and SO many other ways, we are perfect for each other. 

My Daughter, Alayna, keeps me both sane and insane, simultaneously. Her little 9 year old brain so stinking smart, it kills me. We have an amazing bond as both mother-daughter and best friends. I love her more than life itself. 

My family is rounded out with the cutest little thing that ever did walk this earth, our french bulldog, Louis (pronounced Louie, he's french). He came into our family as a tiny little puppy in 2013. The only commands he knows are Sit, Potty, and Cuddle. That should tell you something about his personality.

Thanks for putting up with my cheesy family photos! This is a great batch so there will be more where that came from! 

Most of all, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog! I hope to spread enjoyment, inspiration, and most of all happiness to each and everyone of my readers!

Everything you will see here is something that has made me happy, or simply put a smile on my face during "our daily doings"

That could be a recipe, travel tips, mommy advice, product reviews, anything!
Please follow me, leave comments, just let me know you're out there!
It's just one more thing that makes me happy!


  1. I can't wait to see your future blogs! Lord knows you have a lot to say :-)