Monday, May 12, 2014

Derby Weekend


With my boyfriend Jay being from Louisville, KY, the Kentucky Derby is a big deal in our house. We just happen to be lucky enough to go also! Last year was my first derby experience so I think I qualify as a "seasoned veteran" this year. 

We attended Churchill Downs last Friday for the Kentucky Oaks. (I know, I know, this post is waaaay late.) That way we could free up Saturday for all of the fabulous Derby parties! It was a BLAST!

The hats were all so fabulous!
 I got my super-cool hat from Hat-A-Tude's online shop and had it shipped directly to Kentucky. I was so convenient not having to carry it on the plane!

This was our whole group we went with!

We also took a trip to the Louisville Slugger factory while we were there. While we were there, they were making the pink bats that the baseball players use on Mother's Day. They also have the world's largest baseball bat! 

At the Slugger Museum, there was also a Loony Tunes exhibit that had all of these neat cells from baseball cartoons. It brought back so many memories!

We had such a fun time! Can't wait to visit again!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quick Tablecloth Holders

Here's a cute little idea for the avid party-planner! As my sister-in-law was getting ready for her Derby Party over the weekend, we realized that the wind gusts outside were going to be an issue. Especially when it came to the super cute polka-dot table cloths she was using.

We came up with a quick and easy solution!

Don't you seem to always have these little binder-clips randomly laying around your house, or tucked away in some desk drawer?? We scavenged up a few alternating colors and made these adorable little tablecloth holders! 

There were 4 tables so we used 16 clips in total. The entire project only took me 2 minutes. It was festive, cute, easy and cheap! 

Short post today! I just wanted to share this crafty little idea I had over the weekend!

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