Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My mom calls them "Actibities"

This week, we are headed to Kentucky for the Derby! #derbyweek! Jay was born and raised in Kentucky so we are combining a family vaca.

Coming from a family of "travelers", we have a tradition in this house, Traveling Activities, or as my mother calls them "Actibities".  It's like going to church without candy, you can't travel with out your backpack full of actibities!

Being a mom, this provides a wonderful opportunity to pack all of the necessities needed to take care of my family while we embark on our journey. I have compiled a list of all of the "must-haves" that I always include in my bag. Along with some PHOTOS!!!  (...I know, right?! They're from my phone so don't get too excited...)

For Mom:
1. My Laptop (I have to continue blogging, right?)
2. Real Simple Magazine and People Mag Crossword book
3. Thank You Cards that need to be filled out
4. Light Jacket

For Kids:
1. iPad (loaded with some movie faves like Frozen and Pitch Perfect)
2. iPod touch (loaded with games and music)
3. Nintendo DS
4. Coloring Book
5. Crayons
6. Some sort of craft (This time, we opted for a color-me travel bag that she will then be able to use on our trip! You can find it here.)
7. Doll (or other comfort item)
8. Light Jacket

For the Family:
1. A Blanket (for those much needed plane-naps)
2. Camera
3. Headphones
4. Warm Socks 
5. Moist Wipes (for on-the-spot cleanup)
6. Brush
7. All Charging Cables
8. Chapstick
9. Gum
10. Small (security safe) snacks
11. Hand Sanitizer
12. Ibuprofen
13. Flushable wipes
14. Antacid
15. Tide Stick

Now, you're probably wondering,
"How in the you-know-what does she fit all of that into one backpack?"

Well, I happen to have the answer to that too! Here is the backpack I use:

I bought it from Costco, you can see a similar item here
(I bought mine last season) 

But I would say that any 4-pocket backpack that has a laptop sleeve would work. You could even use one that doesn't have a laptop sleeve if you have a portable one, just be sure that laptop is easy to get out during security! 

I just like to make sure that my backpack has the front pocket that has little pockets inside. This helps to keep all of my small things organized, including all of the small items in the "family" list along with my credit cards and ID, pens, glasses, etc. 

Extra tips: This may be self explanatory (but you'd be surprised with what people try to do when traveling with kids) but I always make sure to travel in something comfortable. Jeans, loose top, loose jewelry (so that its easy to take off at security) and most importantly, ballet flats!

I wear the ballet flats for 2 reasons, #1 they are easy to take off at security. With this method of packing, all I have to do at the security checkpoint is take my laptop out of my bag (bin 1) throw my shoes, jackets, Alayna's doll and jewelry into another bin (bin 2) and lay my backpack on the belt. When I'm done, I just throw on my shoes and be on my way! Luckily, with new TSA regulations, Alayna doesn't have to take her shoes off, she can just walk through.

The second reason I love to wear my ballet flats with traveling with kids is because my feet ALWAYS swell when I fly. Don't get me wrong, when I'm not traveling with my daughter, I almost always will wear heels. However, I will always make sure that my heels can just kick off also. This is where my warm socks come into play. I usually will put my warm socks on during the flight, if not just to keep my tootsies warm, but to have something on my feet to walk to the bathroom in, seeing as how my feet are no longer fitting into my shoes. 

Last extra tip: Order a rum and coke. The flight attendant will usually have little salt-lime packet and POOF! you have yourself a grade-A cocktail!

Posting from Kentucky this week!

And just because its funny....
because who doesn't love n*sync humor?

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