Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summertime Reading Review: Kid's Edition

While my daughter is a very bright little girl, she struggles with one thing in school that most kids do: Reading. As a result, we do quite a bit of homeschooling in our home during the summer that is solely based around reading activities.With our methods, there is 2 kinds of reading. Reading for comprehension and reading for fluency. 

To work on reading for comprehension, we do a family book club. We all read a book together, 2 chapters a day, and meet during dinnertime to discuss the book once we have finished. This gives Alayna an opportunity to read on her own and recap what she has read over the previous week. Alayna will be in the 4th grade next year, so we are reading books at a variety of reading levels. Here are some of our favorites we've read so far this summer:

1. Judy Moody Saves the World

2. Judy Moody Gets Famous!

We really love the Judy Moody book series! They are perfect for little girls and are an easy enough chapter book to get those early-readers going. The Animal Ark series is a little harder than the Judy Moody books, but it gives kids just that much more confidence to keep reading! (And for only $1.99 a piece, you're making out with a huge bargain!) They are great for boys and any animal lover too!

When we work on reading fluency, we pick a kid-friendly chapter book that is too hard for her to read on her own, and I read it to her. When she listens to the story, she can hear how fluently I read while trying to follow along on the pages. It gives her the confidence to try to read as fluently and with as much emotion as I do. Lately, we have been reading a lot of Roald Dahl books. Here are our favorites for the summer time:

Oh, and did I mention that all of these books are under $6?!?? I know, right?! Reading is a great way to spend time with your kids during the summer. So go get your picnic blanket, put it in your yard, and READ! A couple of chapters will only take a few minutes and the stories you instill in your child's imaginations will last them a lifetime!

What books do your kids love to read? Do they have a favorite bedtime story? Leave a comment and let me know!

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